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Material Icons in WPF
A straightforward way to use icons

Icon Fonts with ligatures

The key is using icon fonts with ligatures.

This makes usage incredibly easy because you can directly use a sensible name instead of adding an extra resource for indirection of Unicode characters.

Step 1

Download the icon font from (or another resource)

WPF supports both True Type Fonts (TTF) and Open Type Fonts (OTF).

Extract the included ttf file from the archive. You can also download it here.

Step 2

Add to your project under any subfolder. Here I’m calling it /Fonts.

In the file properties, set the build action to Resource, and Copy to Copy if newer.

Step 3

You can now reference your font using ./Fonts/#<font name>.

In your App.xaml, add a resource - this makes it easy to swap out fonts later.

<Application x:Class="my.App"
        <FontFamily x:Key="IconFont">./Fonts/#Material Icons</FontFamily>        


The build tool treats it as an embedded font, so use the font family name, and not the font’s file name.

Step 3

Use it any where by setting FontFamily, and the Content.

FontFamily="{StaticResource IconFont}" Content="icon_name"

Pick any icon from the set.


<Button FontFamily="{StaticResource IconFont}" Foreground="Red">favorite</Button>

And that’s it!

Last modified on 2019-04-16

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