Asti's Notes
Stuff I like to work on

Build Bot

A zero configuration continuous build system, running as a chatbot. It can run on a local server or home machine, behind a firewall, and several bot instances can share a single bot account.

It tracks Git Submodule dependencies and builds whenever there’s a change to any of them.


NetShell is a library which lets you create your own bash like shell by mapping methods to commands. It has autocompletion, suggestions, history, dependency injection, supports async and more.

It enables building ops tools, allowing you use use refactored code from unit tests.

Stdio Rx

This a library with versions for both C# and F# which abstracts the standard in, out and error streams of a process as an Observable. You get pushed the program output, subscribing to it starts the process, unsubscribing closes or kills it. And it turns out to be surprisingly powerful abstraction.

OpenSSL Wizard

The OpenSSL CLI is a great tool to generate keys and sign certificates. But its command line arguments are unintuitive and hard to remember. Rather than look up some notes on it, it’s much easier to use the wizard which is oriented towards common workflows.

Based on OpenSSL 1.1.1

AT Term

A modern Hyperterminal. Made specifically for experimenting with AT commands - even now that’s the way to communicate with most embedded cellular modules. It support auto-completion, suggestions, file-uploads, logging and a lot more.

CSV Merge

A tool to easily combine bill-of-materials and total up components for purchases. But it’s a general purpose merge and consolidate on multiple keys. And it doesn’t care about column ordering.

The current consolidation defaults are set for Altium’s BOMs.

State-machines for F#

FSM is a minimalist library for functionally defining state-machines in F#. Apart from the implementation of a purely functional automata, it provides a number of combinators for composing states.

Enju for .Net

This is a library providing .Net bindings for the Enju NLP parser from Tsujii laboratory. It features a mapping of Enju’s parse tree to a fully indexed object tree, with lazy walks, both to descendants and ancestors.

Typed Workers

A typescript library which provides a proxy interface to any class, hosting an instance of it on a web-worker.

It proxies method calls to be run in the worker and returns the result as a Promise, while being strongly typed the proxy is a transformed type of the provided class.


LIDR is a work in progress.

LIDR is a tool for generating language-targeted drivers for register-mapped peripherals. LIDR takes as its input a text datasheet.

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