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Run a PowerShell script for every .NET application crash
Track application crashes on the cheap

How do you run a script for every application crash without attaching the debugger or some complicated mess? It’s easy enough to write a simple script which checks for the life of the process.

while($(ps taskmgr*) -ne $null) 
  sleep 1  

echo "It's dead, Jim!"

But that doesn’t give us the stack-trace, plus this script has to have a longer life-time than the process you’re monitoring.

Enter The Event Log

An application crash with an unhandled exception always writes to the Application event log. If we could run a task for that, we’re half-way done.

And it turns out you can have a scheduled task for exactly that, triggered by an event log item. But adding one is a little involved, since we need some extra query variables to get us the name and stack-trace.

Scheduled Task

If you’re interested, the query is:

    <Query Id="0" Path="Application">
        <Select Path="Application">
            *[System[Provider[@Name='.NET Runtime'] and EventID=1026]]	             </Select>

We additionally need a set of ValueQueries (see lines 7-11).

It’s much easier to download the Scheduled Task Xml, and import it in.

The PowerShell side of things

The task trigger can be called with named variables we set up in the ValueQueries.

powershell Trigger.ps1 -eventRecordID $(eventRecordID) -eventChannel $(eventChannel)

Now that we have the event id in our script, we can query the log to get back our stack-trace.

param($eventRecordID, $eventChannel = "Application")

$event = Get-WinEvent -LogName $eventChannel -FilterXPath "<QueryList><Query Id='0' Path='$eventChannel'><Select Path='$eventChannel'>*[System[(EventRecordID=$eventRecordID)]]</Select></Query></QueryList>"

$stackTrace = $event.Message

if($stackTrace -match "Exception")
    echo "Error Thrown in Application" 
    $stackTrace > trace.txt

The above example will just log the stack-trace to trace.txt every time an application crashes. Of course, you can take any action, such as even mailing you when there’s a crash with Send-MailMessage.

Last modified on 2019-03-22